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Let Patients Help!

A "Patient Engagement" Handbook - How Doctors, Nurses, Patients and Caregivers Can Partner for Better Care
By e-Patient Dave deBronkart (Author), Eric J. Topol MD. (Introduction), Dr. Danny Sands (Contributor)

Let Patients Help! Book coverLet Patients Help! by Dave deBronkart with Dr. Danny Sands is a valuable patient engagement handbook. This little book should be a key resource for you and your family. e-Patient, Dave deBronkartYou’ll learn about important steps in taking charge of your own health. You’ll want to check your patient chart, ask questions, search the Internet, and engage with patient communities. Your physician should ideally welcome your research and your engagement in your own treatment and prevention. 

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The Chaos Imperative

How Chance and Disruption Increase Innovation, Effectiveness, and Success
By Ori Brafman and Judah Pollack

The Chaos ImperativeThis book, The Chaos Imperative: How Chance and Disruption Increase Innovation, Effectiveness, and Success by Ori BrafmanOri Brafman and , is a must read for anyone who wants to maximize his/her brain power. It explains how important “white space” is to our sense-making abilities. And it provides useful guidelines for injecting controlled chaos into even very bureaucratic of environments. It will help you, and your team, create the conditions for innovation to occur.Judah Pollack

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Alone and Invisible No More

How Grassroots Community Action and 21st Century Technologies can Empower Elders to Stay in their Homes and lead Healthier, Happier Lives
By Dr. Allan S. Teel M.D.

There are currently 5 million people in the U.S. over the age of 85. By 2050, there will be 21 million of us. Life expectancies are also increasing. There isn’t enough money, time, or people to build and staff enough nursing homes and retirement communities. But we can use high tech and high touch to empower people to live full lives at home until they die. Dr. Allan “Chip” Teel’s book, Alone and Invisible No More, tells us how.

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Dialogue Mapping

Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems
By Jeffrey Conklin

Dialogue MappingWhat’s a “Wicked Problem?” It involves interlocking issues across many domains (i.e., political, environmental, economic, etc.). Only a tame problem can be “solved”—wicked problems can only be managed more or less effectively, more or less efficiently. The best we can do is to find more elegant and expedient interventions, but even the most elegant intervention on a wicked problem will make some issue(s) more wicked for some stakeholder(s).Jeffrey Conklin Jeff Conklin’s book, Dialogue Mapping: Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems, is a “must read” for people in groups grappling with intractable issues and/or for people who are designing products or solutions.

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Engaging Everyone with Liberating Structures

GroupJazz Handbook
By Lisa Kimball

Engaging Everyone with Liberating Structures Why is jazz such a compelling art form? There’s the excitement of improvisation according to a few basic rules and the fact that the musicians really tune into one another. That’s why Jazz is so good. Lisa KimballThat’s what we need to do in our work lives: we need to have the kinds of group experiences that allow us to produce things that are better in that moment. And, when we are no longer in that environment, we can still conjure up part of that feeling and use it in order to be productive.

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Return on Customer

Creating Maximum Value From Your Scarcest Resource
By Don Peppers and Martha Rogers

Return on CustomerLooking for a way to convince your executives to put their money (and priorities) where their mouths are? First, come up with your current and planned strategy for measuring and reporting your firm’s Return on Customer. Then, educate your execs by handing out this book. Attach your ROC plan to it!

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Chief Customer Officer

Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action
By Jeanne Bliss

Chief Customer OfficerThe hardest aspect of customer experience work—making it easy for customers to do business with you and designing and delivering a differentiated end-to-end customer experience that will grow your base of profitable, loyal customers—is shifting your organizational culture. Every business unit and department has its own focus and its own metrics. Jeanne BlissThis book, Chief Customer Officer, is an accurate and useful guide that will help anyone—whether you sit at the top or the bottom of your company—understand how to move your organization through the steps required to shift your company’s culture to deliver a great customer experience.

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